What's your level of engagement?

* All pricing plans are in GBP excluding VAT..

All packages include full support from start to finish.​


  • Consultation | 30mins

    • Define event date and time.
    • Discuss objectives, timeline and key milestones.
    • Establish event roles and responsibilities.
    • Review tools features.

    By the end of this session we’ll all have a clear overview of the project and deliverables.

  • Pre-Production | 45 mins

    • Review event agenda and stream keys.
    • Revise features and tools settings.
    • Discuss technical and logistical details of the event as well as contingency plans.

    This will allow us to create the right mix of tools and platforms to help you realise your event objectives.

  • Briefings | 30 mins

    • Perform a group technical briefing for speakers and event contributors.
    • Review audiovisual controls and standards.

    We'll ensure that everyone involved is comfortable with the tech and understands the process.

Live Event

  • Rehearsal | 45 mins

    • Assist all contributors in joining the event.
    • Facilitate practice of roles.
    • Review in-session controls.

    In this session we'll fine tune all the different event transitions for everyone to deliver their best content.

  • Live Session | 1 hour

    • Monitor and address all technical questions.
    • Respond to staff questions via chat.
    • Provide a back-up recording.

    Our live production team will be with you throughout, orchestrating each component to create a seamless, bespoke event experience for your audience.


  • Evaluation | 30 mins

    • Establish success criteria.
    • Provide industry best practices and coaching.
    • Help create a timeline with action items and next steps.

    In this final stage, we will provide guidance and engage in discussions to formulate recommendations aimed at enhancing future events.


*All available as an addition with the purchase of a package. ** All pricing plans are in GBP excluding VAT.

  • Pre-Production Support by the Hour £90

    All event packages already include a total of 3 hours of production support per event, plus 1 hour of Live.

  • Tech Briefings and Rehearsals by the Hour £90

    30-mins group briefing and 45-mins rehearsal per event are already included in all our event packages.

  • Live Event Producer by the Hour £90

    All event packages already account for 1 hour of live tech support.

  • Event Moderator by the Hour £50

    Production Assistant monitoring Polls and Live Chats during the event.

  • Video Editing by the Hour £60

    Top and tail editing of the recording is kept at £50 per video.

  • vMix Hardware per Event £250

    Live streaming software solution used to record, present, and stream productions in real-time by adding web streams, chroma-key, images, and more to the video content.

  • vMix Engineer Day Rate £420

    Minimum hours required 1 pre-production, plus the duration of the rehearsal and live event.

  • Cancellation Fee £250

    Applies to virtual event cancellations within 72 business hours of scheduled event.

  • Zoom Training (price per person) £90

    Become a Zoom Pro! Learn how to use all the Zoom features to maximise the potential of your events (Discounts apply for groups larger than 8 people)

  • Pimp My Zoom (price per session) £90

    1) Zoom account setting optimisation based on your usage criteria (Recommended after every Zoom critical update).
    2) Zoom third party apps integrations (Eg. Eventbrite).

  • Hybrid Events Equipment and Crew £POA

    Our partner Event7 will cover all your physical event needs, from equipment and staff to logistics and production coordination.

Make your webinar a success with our expert production support​.