Healthcare and Medicine Sector: 14 Benefits of Hosting Webinars and Virtual Meetings with S7REAM

In the digital age, the healthcare and medicine sector is constantly evolving, seeking innovative ways to connect with patients, professionals, and stakeholders. Webinars and virtual meetings have emerged as powerful tools for communication, education, and collaboration. Medical professionals and organizations use webinars to discuss recent research findings, medical procedures, and health trends. However, the platform you choose to host these sessions can make a significant difference. While there are numerous platforms available for hosting these events, there’s a growing trend among healthcare professionals and organizations to host them directly on their websites. Enter S7REAM, a solution that allows organizations to stream webinars and meetings directly on their domain. In this article, we’ll delve into the advantages of using S7REAM for the healthcare and medicine sector.

1. Branding Consistency

Hosting virtual events on your own website allows for a seamless integration with your brand’s look and feel. With S7REAM, healthcare institutions can maintain consistent branding throughout the webinar and virtual meeting experience. Instead of redirecting visitors to third-party platforms, which can dilute brand identity, S7REAM ensures that every touchpoint, from registration to post-webinar engagement, resonates with the organization’s branding. This consistency can enhance trust and recognition among participants.

2. Customized User Experience

Third-party platforms come with predefined structures and limitations. S7REAM provides an interface that allows healthcare organizations to tailor the entire customer journey. From custom registration forms to post-webinar surveys, institutions can design experiences that align with their objectives and audience needs. This level of customization can lead to higher engagement and satisfaction rates.

3. Seamless Integration Capabilities

Hosting virtual events on your site allows for easy integration with other content. The healthcare and medicine sector often relies on various tools and software for operations, patient management, and data analysis. S7REAM’s integration capabilities ensure that webinars and virtual meetings can easily fit into existing ecosystems, streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency. For instance, a webinar on a new medical procedure can link directly to related research papers, patient testimonials, or booking forms for consultations, all housed on your website.

4. Enhanced Engagement

S7REAM allows healthcare institutions to integrate webinars and virtual meetings into various parts of their website, from blog posts to dedicated landing pages. This flexibility can lead to increased visibility and participation, as visitors can easily access sessions without navigating away from the primary site.

5. Enhanced Trust and Credibility

For patients and professionals, trust is paramount. Hosting webinars directly on the organization’s domain, as opposed to third-party platforms, can enhance credibility. Visitors are more likely to trust content that originates from a familiar and authoritative source, such as the official website of a reputable healthcare institution.

6. Cost-Effective Solution

With S7REAM, healthcare institutions can potentially reduce costs associated with third-party platforms. While there might be initial costs in setting up the infrastructure for hosting virtual events, in the long run, it can be more cost-effective than paying for third-party platforms, especially if you host events regularly. Moreover, the enhanced engagement and branding consistency can lead to a higher return on investment.

7. Monetization Flexibility

If you’re hosting a premium event, having it on your website gives you more control over monetization strategies. You can integrate your payment gateways, offer tiered access to content, or even bundle events with other services.

8. Data Ownership and Privacy

Data privacy is a critical concern in the healthcare sector. With S7REAM, organizations have more control over their data, ensuring that patient information, professional details, and other sensitive data are handled with the utmost care and in compliance with regulations.

9. Greater Control Over Content

With third-party platforms, there’s always a risk of content being flagged, removed, or restricted due to various reasons. By hosting on your website, you have full control over your content, ensuring that it remains accessible as intended.

10. Direct Traffic Boost

Hosting events on your website can significantly increase traffic. This surge in visitors can improve your site’s search engine ranking, making it easier for patients, peers, and industry professionals to find you online.

11. Real-time Analytics

Understanding audience behavior is crucial for continuous improvement. S7REAM offers real-time analytics, providing insights into attendee behavior, engagement levels, and more. This data can inform future strategies, ensuring that webinars and virtual meetings continually evolve to meet audience needs. You can track which sessions were most popular, how long participants stayed, and what content they accessed afterward. These insights can inform future events and content strategies.

12. Global Reach with Local Feel

The healthcare and medicine sector often caters to a global audience. With S7REAM, organizations can provide a localized experience, ensuring that content is relevant and accessible to diverse audiences, irrespective of their geographical location.

13. Enhanced Accessibility

In the healthcare sector, ensuring that content is accessible to all, including those with disabilities, is crucial. S7REAM’s platform can be tailored to meet various accessibility standards, ensuring that everyone can benefit from the valuable content being shared.

14. Community Building

Hosting events on your website can foster a sense of community. Attendees can easily access forums, discussion boards, or other community features you might have on your site. Over time, this can lead to a loyal community of professionals, patients, and enthusiasts who regularly engage with your content.

In conclusion, as the healthcare and medicine sector continues to embrace the digital age, the way professionals and organizations engage with their audience is evolving. Hosting virtual events directly on websites offers a plethora of advantages, from enhanced branding to better data security. While there’s a place for third-party platforms, especially for smaller organizations or one-off events, the benefits of integrating virtual events into one’s website are hard to ignore. As technology continues to advance, it’s likely that more healthcare entities will recognize these advantages and make the shift, ensuring a more personalized, secure, and engaging experience for all participants. Solutions like S7REAM will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the future of communication and collaboration.


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